Our Story

What began as a fun experiment to indulge our love of beer and cooking led to an innovation in homebrewing…

Hailing from Australia and the USA, Claire and Posy, the owners of Home Brewtique, met in 2009 as neighbours in St. Albans UK.  Both had grown up accustomed to local breweries making delicious, flavoursome beers – some that really pushed the boundaries.  And both, at that time, found it hard in the UK  to easily find the diverse selection of beer styles they enjoyed.

So, they decided to make their own, only to find the existing homebrew kits disappointing. If it wasn’t the uninspiring ‘just add water’ extract ones (where’s the fun in that?), it was the bulky traditional equipment you’d need a huge shed for, and nothing in-between.

Going in-between

Searching desperately for an alternative, they came across the small batch all-grain method. They liked it but knew the existing kits could be improved. So, that’s exactly what they did.

Setting high standards for themselves, perfecting the equipment became an obsession. After painstaking (though fun!) hours, the outcome was even better than they’d hoped. Designing a unique BPA-free container, preventing light from damaging the beer, a reusable brewing bag and a perfectly sized bottling wand alongside creative and delicious recipes – a simple, yet top-quality beer-making kit was born – and so was Home Brewtique.

Good news travels fast!

“My beer is ridiculously good. It’s hoppy and fruity and beautifully easy to drink… it smells wonderful too. In fact, this has been such a success that I’m now working on my second batch.”

Stuart Heritage THE GUARDIAN

Meet the Team

Headshot of Posy


St Albans

Posy is one of the two founders of Home Brewtique.  Leading the marketing and sales area of the business, she continually strives to improve the customer experience.


When not with a drink in her hand, you can find Posy out in nature – in her garden, walking in the mountains, or sailing on the sea.

Headshot of Claire



The Home Brewtique Yin to Posy’s Yang, Claire develops and perfects our recipes and products – managing the operational side of the business.


Always “researching” new beers to inspire recipes and flavours, Claire is a true “make it yourself” enthusiast. Recent efforts include roasting coffee, making mayonnaise, and tonic water.


St Albans

Lisa joined Home Brewtique in November 2016 and has been balancing a Masters in Illustration along with being our in-house designer and artistic guiding light.


Lisa spear-headed our rebrand and is leading the social engagement for the company.

Headshot of Lisa



Amy has come on-board in September 2018 and is Claire’s right-hand woman to help pick and package all your orders.

Headshot of Laina


St Albans

Our Home Brewtique mascot, Laina is the master of work-place napping.


Look out for her on muddy mornings because not only does she like a good sniff, she loves to jump up on unsuspecting visitors!  (we are trying to work on that…)