1. It's Simple!

Our unique and simplified brewing process makes brewing from scratch fun and easy.

2. Fresh is Best

All our ingredients are freshly processed on order and vaccuum sealed for freshness because fresh ingredients make the best beer.

3. Recipe Guarantee

We have worked hard to make brewing as easy as possible. We are so confident in our instructions that if you make a mistake you can try again on us.

1. It all starts here

Specialist Brewing Equipment

Have all the fun of brewing without unnecessary hassle. We’ve developed our equipment to be as user-friendly as possible. All the specialist equipment you need to make 4.5L of delicious craft beer.


  • GRAINSTAY™ small-batch brewing bag
  • Stainless-Steel Dial-Probe Thermometer
  • FERMO™ 5L Fermenter
  • Bottling Wand
  • Airlock

2. Do you need...


11L Brew Pan

To get the most from our simplified system, you need a large pot. This Commichef+ S.S. pot is induction + oven safe.


Boxed Beer Bottles 12 330ml swing top beer bottles

12x Swing Top bottles

Two weeks after brewing you will need some bottles. These high-quality swing top bottles make it easy.


Party Keg

Instead of bottles, you can use a keg. Needs to be used within 1-2 days - so it's great if you're having a party!

3. Choose your first recipe

White Ale - £22

light, bright with zesty fruit and spice

ABV: 5.0
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Hoegaarden Witbier,
Einstock White Ale,

American Brown - £22.00

malty with floral hints

ABV: 5.0
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Brooklyn Brown Ale,
Four Pure Beartooth

Milk Stout - £22

sweet, dark and delicious

ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Left Hand Milk Stout,
Mikkeller Milk Stout

Multi-Hop IPA - £22

powerful citrus flavour

ABV: 5.7
Difficulty: Medium
Commercial Examples:
BrewDog Punk IPA,
Lagunitas IPA

American Pale Ale - £22

crisp with citrus hop flavours

American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale,
Beavertown Gamma Ray

English Pale Ale - £22

easy-drinking classic

ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
London Pride,
Sussex Best

4. Review your kit

Starter Kit Equipment

Total: £

Price excludes shipping cost (£7.99 UK Mainland)