Why Choose Us

1. It's Simple!

Simplified, unique brewing process makes brewing fun and easy.

2. Fresh is Best

All from scratch - just like a real brewery. Fresh ingredients make the best beer.

3. Recipe Guarantee

We are so confident in our instructions that if you make a mistake you can try again on us.

1. It all starts here

Specialist Brewing Equipment


  • Bespoke HB Brewing Bag
  • Stainless-Steel Dial-Probe Thermometer
  • Fermenter with integrated bottling spout
  • Bottling Wand
  • Airlock

2. Do you need...


11L Brew Pan

To get the most from our simplified system, you need a large pot. This Commichef+ S.S. pot is induction + oven safe.


Boxed Beer Bottles 12 330ml swing top beer bottles

12x Swing Top bottles

Two weeks after brewing you will need some bottles. These high-quality swing top bottles make it easy.


Party Keg

Instead of bottles, you can use a keg. Needs to be used within 1-2 days - so it's great if you're having a party!

3. Choose your first recipe

White Ale - £22

light, bright with zesty fruit and spice

ABV: 5.0
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Hoegaarden Witbier,
Einstock White Ale,

American Brown - £22.00

malty with floral hints

ABV: 5.0
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Brooklyn Brown Ale,
Four Pure Beartooth

Milk Stout - £22

sweet, dark and delicious

ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Left Hand Milk Stout,
Mikkeller Milk Stout

Multi-Hop IPA - £22

powerful citrus flavour

ABV: 5.7
Difficulty: Medium
Commercial Examples:
BrewDog Punk IPA,
Lagunitas IPA

American Pale Ale - £22

crisp with citrus hop flavours

American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale,
Beavertown Gamma Ray

English Pale Ale - £22

easy-drinking classic

ABV: 4.7
Difficulty: Easy
Commercial Examples:
London Pride,
Sussex Best

4. Review your kit

Starter Kit Equipment

Total: £

Price excludes shipping cost (£7.99 UK Mainland)