This guide helps you take the first steps towards building your own beer brewing recipes.  Go through each step to create your own ale – just how you want it.

1)Choose your base style & ABV

3.8% - £9.95 | 5.0% - £11.95 | 8.0% - £13.45

Decide on the base style of the beer you want to make – a light ale, or a high-alcohol robust sipper.

All recipes include your choice of yeast, 2 sachets of sanitiser, vegan-friendly finings, and carbonating sugar as well as a brewing guide with note section.

Light Ale 5%

A lager-style light ale base. Clean, crisp and delicate in flavour, the malts will play a secondary role here, so this is the perfect base to experiment and allow your hops or other additions to shine. Read More

Session Pale Ale 3.8%

A good mix of caramel malts provides a decent grain base with enough malt character to provide some interest for a low alcohol beer. Hop it up or keep it malty. Read More

Pale Ale 5%

A solid pale malt base with a good malt character. This base will provide the perfect backdrop for any hop forward beer. Read More

Imperial Pale Ale 8.0%

With a full strength ABV content, this base can take whatever you can dish out. Be sure to balance out your higher gravity with a higher IBU – don’t be afraid to load up the hops at the start of the boil. Read More

Amber Ale 5%

A slightly darker base mix with lovely caramel and toffee notes from the malts. Try experimenting with different yeasts or even different spice additions to create your masterpiece. Read More

Porter 5%

A substantial, malty dark beer with a complex and flavourful dark malt character. A clashing citrus hop quality is generally undesirable with this base. Read More

Imperial Stout 8%

An intensely-flavoured, big, dark ale. Roasty-burnt malt with deep dark or dried fruit flavours, and a warming, bittersweet finish. Like it’s pale cousin, this is a full strength rich, syrupy base that will age beautifully. A great one to try with spices or even spirits – don’t be shy! Read More

Wheat Ale 5%

A refreshing wheat beer that can be manipulated towards a more German style showcasing the yeast character with fruity esters, or towards its American cousin displaying more hop character; depending on the yeast chosen. The wheat content allows bready, doughy, or grainy flavours to show through. Read More

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2)Choose your hops

Regular: 50p | Super hopped: 99p

We have calculated the approximate IBU contribution for each hop addition.   Use the number in brackets for the different base alcohol amounts (3.8%, 5%, 8%).

To calculate your beer’s total IBUs, add all your additions IBUs together.  These figures are based on our hop timing assumptions and so are good guide, but not exact figures.

If you want to create a single hop ale, or are looking for other hop additions, please see our individual ingredients pages.

Bittering Hops

Bittering hops are important to balance out the sweetness from the malts.  The rule is generally, the higher the alcohol the more bittering hops are needed to create balance. Add just before, or at the beginning of the boil to create a balanced bitterness.

Strong clean and crisp

Soft and smooth

Flavour Hops

Add at some point during the last 20 minutes of the boil – All in one go or spread them out.

Floral and Earthy

Spicy and Piney

Bright Citrus and Tropical

Aroma Hops

Add during the last 5 mins of the boil or at “Flame Out”.

Fruity with Spicy Notes

Earthy and Floral

Herbal, Piney and Resinous

Bright Citrus and Tropical Fruit

Dry Hops

Add during the second week of fermentation to contribute an extra hop boost – These additions will give no IBU contribution.

Citrus and Tropical Fruit

Fruity and Spicy

Earthy, Soft, Grassy and Floral

Herbal, Piney and Resinous

3)Choose a flavour bomb

£1.75 each

An optional blast of flavour – add at the end of the boil or in the last week of fermentation.

Winter Warmer

cocoa nibs, cinnamon and sweet orange

Fruit Basket

lemon peel, orange peel and dried raspberries

Asian Inspiration

lime, ginger and chili

4)Choose your yeast


Yeast not only makes the beer, but contributes to the flavour and feel of the beer.

American West Coast

Clean flavour that allows the hop character to shine.
Excellent at eating up all the sugars, leaving a drier beer.
works well with citrusy hops but also enhances toasted and dark malt flavours.
For best results ferment at 18-23°C
Read More

Strong Ale

Enhanced hop and malt aroma of earthy, nutty orange peel character with mild spice hints. Higher alcohol produces pleasant apple and pear hints with faint banana flavours.
Leaves a perception of malt sweetness.
Read More

Belgian Wit

Contributes a light spice with a hint of bubble-gum character.
Excellent with botanical additions.
Leaves some sweetness in your beer with a dry, fruity and complex character
smooth, light, dry and crisp mouthfeel.
Not recommended for high alcohol beers.
Read More

Additional Items

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