So with Easter just over a month away we thought we’d do some experimenting and create an Easter beer recipe. We needed to decide what taste might represent Easter and we concluded a hot cross bun would be great.


When choosing the added ingredients, we wanted to be able to taste hot cross bun hints, but not overwhelm the flavour of the beer. Fortunately there isn’t too much going on in a hot cross bun, so we would only be adding cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins to the brew.

Easter Beer recipe ingredients

We decided our American Brown Ale recipe would be a good choice to be the Easter beer recipe. The bronzed beauty has a darker colour and malty nutty flavours which would go well with our added ingredients. If you decide to do an Easter beer recipe you can choose whatever drink you think would go best with your added ingredients.


Next we had to choose when to actually add these ingredients and in what quantities. Claire got out some books and did a quick bit of research. When adding extra ingredients to the brew, you can always add more but you can never take it back. Adding the ingredients during the boil has a more subtle effect and adding them later, like during the fermentation, has a more pronounced effect on the taste of the beer. In the end we decided to compromise between the two and add smaller ingredient sizes at the end of the boil.


We cleaned all our equipment and began the boil as standard, adding the hops at the appropriate times. Then we added in the raisins about 15 minutes before the end of the boil. Reading online we saw that people brewing with raisins had often made the mistake of adding too many in. Just a small amount of raisins can really pack a punch full of flavour. We decided to add about 28g of raisins. We took out a cup of the wort out of the pan and blitzed it with the raisins, then added this mix back into the boil.


Ten minutes later we added in 5g of cinnamon and 5g of nutmeg. We used ground cinnamon and grated some nutmeg from nutmeg seeds. We then let the boil continue for another five minutes before chilling our mix ready for the fermentation process.


The brew smelled lovely, you could certainly smell the aromas of the added ingredients as it was cooling down. We await to see how it will taste. We encourage you to try out an Easter beer recipe. You might stray from the hot cross bun theme and add some other Easter flavours like vanilla beans or ground cocoa.
easter beer recipe inspiration of hot cross buns
The great inspiration of our brew!
We look forward to hearing from you, whether you stick to our recipe or come up with your own interesting experimentation’s. You can check out the Bronzed Beauty recipe here.

The Tasting – A Follow Up

 We had the usual excitement and anticipation of opening a bottle of our brew for the first time. Our recipe did not disappoint when it was opened. Straight away we could smell hints of raisin from the brew.
When poured it had a great dark colour with hints of red reflecting from the liquid. When tasting it had a great flavour straight away. The taste of the raisin was not so strong as we went on the lighter side, so maybe next time we would add slightly more. However personally I liked the subtleness of it in the aroma and would actually stick to the same amount next time.
There were definite tastes of cinnamon and nutmeg in the beer and this was lovely. Next time we would actually add even more cinnamon and nutmeg as this gave it a great flavour.
All in all it was a great success and something you should definitely try!

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