Since starting Home Brewtique, we have discussed beer and brewing with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.  For many, the extent of their home brewing experience comes from childhood memories of their well-intentioned Dad brewing beer in the bath and fermenting in the airing cupboard.  The bottles then either exploded or were palmed off to anyone just to get rid of them, being somewhat unpalatable … A very small percentage remember a highly proficient Dad-Brewer who was known to all his friends as a great beer maker – and subsequently the life of the party!

Reflections from Claire on her Father:

Claire enjoying a laugh with her Dad

As far as I know, my dad never dabbled in home brewing. He certainly did his fair share of imbibing though and one of my earliest memories of him was with a beer in his hand… Growing up in Australia in the late 70s and early 80s it was Fosters that was the beer of choice for most Aussie Dads and mine was no exception.   As a treat, and despite the rebukes he’d receive from my mum, he’d offer his ice-cold glass of beer to me or my sister and invite us to slurp the foamy head off the top – which obligingly, we would do – leaving a lovely deposit of slobber around the rim of the glass in return.  Although I was only about 3 when I used to do this (there is photographic evidence), I remember it like it was yesterday.  Truth be told, I thought the foam was vile – but there was no way I would refuse the invitation – even at such a young age, I recognised it for the privilege it was.  The fact that we were sharing something my mum disapproved of made it even more special.

These days when I get back to Aus for a visit, I’ll sit and catch up with my Dad over a beer – but now I’m the one presenting the beers to him – and although I know he’s not really a fan of the new world craft beer styles that I introduce him to, he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to bond with his daughter over beer.


Reflections from Posy on her Father:

A father with two daughters at a zoo in the 1970s
Posy at the zoo with her Dad

My Father had 3 daughters and even a female dog (he would like to point out from time to time).  Of the three of us, I was (and still am) the one who loved watching American football with him and was the first to sit with him and enjoy a beer.  I will always remember it – it was on the deck of my parent’s new house – no one else was around from what I can remember and my Dad asked me if I wanted a beer with him.  I was excited because I was only 15 or so at the time and felt so proud that my Dad was treating me like a grown up.   It was a Bass Ale.   I think of my Dad as usually drinking Bass Ale or Samual Adams.   Bass was a bit special since it was an English import!  I’ll always remember relaxing together on that Summer evening and feeling like everything was right in the world.

During a visit the year before we launched Home Brewtique, I led my family through a beer tasting of all sorts of fun New England craft beers.  Everyone was so supportive and my Dad seemed especially proud of our decision to start a business.  For his birthday the next month, I sent him his own brewing kit which he eagerly tried out and then held a big party to show off his creation to his friends.  He continues to this day to be full of enthusiasm for our business and loves being asked for his opinion regarding things – for example having the welcome card with a quick overview of brewing was his idea!  I love that he gets so excited and is eager to offer-up his creative ideas and loving support – actually he has been like that for everything through my whole life – from my sports, my choice of husband, and now my business.    Thanks Dad – you’re the best.


So, join us in raising a beer to all the Dads out there; brewers and drinkers alike – Happy Father’s Day – Cheers!

Claire and Posy


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