Its January and of course everyone is planning on how to be healthy this year. We thought we’d help you beer enthusiasts with some beerducation on how to be healthier this year.


People tend to think of a glass of red wine as being healthy, but much less often beer. Beer in moderation has been proven to have many health benefits. That might be a bit of a ‘fall out of your chair’ moment for some people… others may be skeptical of this claim.


11 Health Benefits of Beer

Here are eleven health improvements you can get by drinking beer in moderation. If you would like to read further into the evidence behind each benefit, here is our source:


1. Boosting Brain Health

2. Healthier Kidneys

3. Lowers Heart Disease Risk

4. Stronger Bones

5. Lowering Cancer Risk

6. Lowering Risk of Diabetes

7. Guarding Against Stroke

8. Acts as a Multivitamin

9. Clears skin and helps hair growth

10. Rich in fiber content

11. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes


And you get even greater health benefits of brewing your own beer over drinking commercially produced drinks…


Homebrewing has one particularly obvious benefit over commercial beer. You know everything that has been put into it. Whilst homebrewing, you are not going to be adding a variety of weird chemicals and preservatives that allow your beer to sit on a shelf in a shop for months on end. You’ll be proud of yourself if you’ve managed to not drink all your beer within a month!


Large companies end up adding obscure ingredients to their beers that you’d never even consider. Such as yeast killing additives to prevent bottle explosions during the transportation of bottles. Most commercial beers are fine filtered removing much of the vitamin B goodness we get from the yeast.   They often also use a lower percentage of grains in their recipes decreasing the nutrient benefits.


If there is one thing you can be certain of, it is that all these chemicals and preservatives in your drinks are certainly not improving your health. But you can take it a step further if you really are a health enthusiast. You can make sure that every single ingredient going into your brew is up to scratch. You can ensure you’re using only the highest quality ingredients and you can specify what type of conditioning sugars you use.


Some people tend to experiment with our recipes and put in interesting things to change the flavour of the beer. How about including superfoods in your brew. You could try blueberries in our American Pale Ale? Citrus peels in our Kozzie Pale Ale? It’s all about experimenting.

Health Benefits of Beer

Here is one huge health benefit that we think you will take the most seriously:

Reduced Hangovers – Home brewed beer contains a large quantity of yeast and Vitamin B. Vitamin B reduces the effects of a hangover naturally. Commercial beers are filtered and pasteurized, both of which strip the vitamin B from the beer and lead to hangovers.

Whilst you may know that ‘healthier kidneys’ is a good benefit, we suspect reduced hangovers may be one of the benefits that you pay the most attention to.

Extra bonus health tip: Dark beers provide many of the same benefits as dark wines with regards to high flavonoid content. This helps to promote a healthy heart.  Why not check out our Milk Stout recipe.

• The mental health benefits of brewing beer can be easily overlooked. Once you get a hang of brewing, it becomes therapeutic. Similar to cooking you can get lost in the moment and forget all your other worries.

• It is a great social activity and of course doing things with loved ones is one of the most important things for keeping you happy. Receiving compliments off of your friends on your brews is another great boost.

• The benefits of a passion always have a great positive impact on your life and we know that there are many of you who absolutely love to brew.

• We hope this has cleared up some things for those of you who take your health seriously. Get your starter kit here and try creating some custom ‘healthy brew recipes’ and please tell us how they taste!

Remember to ALWAYS drink in moderation and responsibly.



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David Jacks 11 months ago

I bottled my first batch of dark beer tonight. I’m hoping to become a genius at it.
Dr David Arthur Jacks. No relation to Uncle Mangrove.

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