Continuing with our winter warmers, we tried two more lovely beers today.  Stouts from 2 quality London Craft breweries. The Kernel’s Export Stout inspired by a 1890 recipe from London with 7.4% alcohol and BBNo. 08 l 02 Stout Imperial based on a recipe from 1850 with a slightly higher 8.6%.

Unfortunately, due to a very annoying technical difficulty – my phone broke! – we don’t have pictures to share today, but I will do my best to describe the experience….

The Kernel’s Export Stout was a very interesting beer with a nice dark-brown head and opaque rich body.  This beer is all about its smokey aroma and flavour.  It has some burnt bitter coffee in there as well, but there is this chorizo smokey aroma that impacts everything.  This would be one to have some real fun with food pairing, but is not our personal favourite for sipping on its own.  We give this one a 6/10.

The BBNo. Stout Imperial was dark and syrupy with absolutely no head.  The viscosity climbed on the glass like the legs of wine.  It was nicely balanced with bitterness and made a good sipping beer.  We gave this a 7/10.


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