Although we wish Spring was right around the corner (come on, come on!) it has been feeling very wintry here at HB HQ.  This week we are focusing on porters and stouts in our tastings.  We started with a great UK craft brewery based in Hackney London: Pressure Drop.  We tried their traditional London ‘Street Porter’ at 6.5% and their more experimental ‘Strictly Roots’ dandelion and burdock porter also weighing in at 6.5%.  Unfortunately due to a technical error, our lovely photos of these beers did not come through and we drank them so fast, we were left with no other options but this lone bottle shot.Porter Beer from Pressure Drop Brewery

We preferred the Strictly Roots, which had a lovely light-brown head on its light/medium body.  We loved the mild malt sweetness with the right levels of carbonation with a lovely grassy herby aroma and flavour subtly permeating through it all.  It had a nice medium bitterness with lingering tannins.  We rated this at 7 out of 10.   Over-all it was a very clean and enjoyable porter with depth of flavour and balanced composure.

We were less impressed with the traditional ale, which had no head at all, even when we jostled it around a bit.  There was very little carbonation which we felt like it needed to create more balance.  The medium bodied beer had mild bitterness with no lasting finish.

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