Celebrate the sunshine with a unique summertime brew


Beer lovers across the country can celebrate the sunshine by perfecting their very own summertime brew, thanks to the new “recipe builder” recently launched by Home Brewtique.


The recipe builder, now available on the website, allows you to individually tailor every element of a beer recipe, giving home brewers the chance to create a beer that is completely unique to them.


Rather than follow a specific recipe, home brewers wanting to infuse a bit of summer into their recipes can tailor everything from adding citrus and tropical hops and a Belgian Wit yeast, to adding a “fruit basket flavour kick” of lemon peel and dried raspberries and so much more. Malt styles, hop additions, yeast strains and carbonation levels can now all be completely tailored rather than following a set recipe.


Home Brewtique allows anyone to brew quality craft beers using the raw, all-grain ingredients that a brewery does – but in much smaller batch sizes and from the comfort of their own home. Every kit includes instructions with guidelines and advice on timings and how to influence the beer results, making it easy to use even for the novice brewer.


Co-founder Posy Parsons says: “We want to smash the stereotype of home brewing as a relic of the 1970s by making it fun, exciting and accessible to everyone. What better time to start a new hobby than in the summer? The best part is you can get creative with your flavours and come up with fun, unique food pairings to amaze friends and family at your next BBQ!”


Home Brewtique was founded just three years ago by Posy Parsons and Claire Russell. Their kits are designed to be small enough to fit in any size kitchen, while still using an authentic process “from scratch” and fresh ingredients, similarly to a larger scale brewery. They are also the first to adapt the Brew-In-A-Bag method for small-batch brewing, thus simplifying the whole process.


Posy adds: “Our kits make it as easy as possible to brew up a quality beer that you can be proud of. Homebrewing is something that anyone can enjoy, and a good brewing kit should be a staple in every kitchen.”





Press Contact:

Posy Parsons at press@homebrewtique.com

Notes to Editor:

Home Brewtique is a premium craft beer company which allows beer lovers to brew ale from scratch using raw, all-grain ingredients in small batch sizes of 5L from the comfort of their own home. More information can be found at https://homebrewtique.com

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