Enjoyed a great BBQ on a cold, wet and windy day.  Was a bit fussed that my umbrella broke and I ended up walking a number of blocks battling the wind and rain to get to the Red Dog, but at least then I felt I’d earned my BBQ!  There was an acceptable range of craft beers compared to the average London location.  Though being an American BBQ focused place, I would have expected more.  Perhaps less focus on cocktails which don’t go nearly as well with smoked saucy meats as a good cold one.  They offered Camden Ale on tap, along with a Sam Adams (plus some less exciting tap options) and for bottles they had Anchor Steam, Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn IPA and a Goose Island Honkers Ale.

I loved the starter combo of wings – gorgeous!  The smoked Louisiana Ribs were money, but the Pulled Pork sandwich left me a tad bit disappointed.   I prefer my pulled pork sandwiches with well mixed through sweet bbq sauce.  This one had pickles which totally threw me, and the bbq sauce was just not right.  The pork itself was good and the Cole Slaw was good.  Not overly interesting or exciting, but at least felt home-made and was a nice addition to the sandwich.  I felt my Anchor Steam selection was the best match with the BBQ – the solid malt profile and woodsy hops was perfect with the smoked meats.  I really enjoy Brooklyn Brewery beers, but the lovely light bouquet of hops in the IPA would have been great if I’d had it first, but in the midst of the meal they were a bit over-powered.


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