As the nights are drawing in and Christmas is just around the corner, what better beer to brew to stave off the cold than a smooth, comforting Milk Stout.


Start brewing soon if you want to have some ready for any guests you might have over the Christmas period, but make sure to keep a couple of bottles back as it ages really well!


The history of stouts and porters are intertwined. The Porter originated in London around 1720; it was strong, took longer to spoil and was much cheaper than other beers. This popularity lead to brewers producing them in a variety of strengths, and stout became a generic term for the strongest and darkest porters.


We offer two types of stout recipes, the first milk stout, also sometimes called cream stout (available to buy all year round), it uses lactose sugar in the brew, which the yeast cannot digest into alcohol. This means the sugar remains in the finished beer adding a subtle sweet smoothness and body to the stout. It pairs well with Oysters, smooth blue cheeses, BBQ beef, hearty meat or mushroom dishes and any rich chocolate or coffee puddings. Get the recipe here.

The second is our limited edition, seasonal special! A Chocolate Orange Stout which is a unique twist on the Milk Stout, this winter warmer uses Wit yeast, orange peel and a wide range of roasted malts to create its indulgent chocolate orange flavour. It pairs well with Christmas pudding, Duck a l’orange, Profiteroles, and brownies…. or sip on its own as a tasty treat.   Get the recipe here.

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