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Its hazy appearance is a departure from a traditional American IPA, The New England IPA (sometimes called a Vermont IPA) is very hoppy and has all of the fruity, juicy flavours and aromas that come along with that, but it doesn’t have the bitterness normally associated with the style, instead it has a smooth, refined, delicate finish. This can be achieved when the hops are added after the boil, so less of the bittering properties are extracted, but the aromatic oils are still fully released. Adding the hops late also gives the beer its hazy appearance.

The style is said to have started with ‘Heady Topper’ a cult beer made by The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont USA, which saw long lines of beer enthusiasts waiting for their chance to have a taste. Driven by this obvious demand, other breweries in the region were encouraged to create their own recipe.

This beer style is very delicate and needs to be enjoyed young, it also needs constant refrigeration which means that you won’t see many larger breweries making it, so the New England IPA will hopefully remain a truly independent, craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer style.


Should have a creamy white head and be pale straw to orange/brown in color. The Home Brewtique recipe is more of an orange/ brown.  Typically quite cloudy, some beers might clarify as they age, leaving only a faint haze.

Aroma and flavour:
High to intense fresh hop aromas – tropical fruits, stone fruits, berries, and citrus fruits. Piney or spicy hop aromas should complement the fruity character and a low to medium-low fresh malt aromas provide background notes. Finish should be dry to medium-dry, with long-lingering fruity hop flavors. Mouthfeel should be soft and smooth with medium-light to medium-full body and moderate carbonation.

Commercial example:
Garden Brewery Milkshake IPA, Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing

Food Pairings:
BBQ Chicken or Steak, Fried Chicken, Cream Cheese, Dolcelatte, Gouda, Brie, Camembert, Waffles, Chocolate Tarte, Vanilla Ice Cream with salted caramel sauce.

Homebrew Tweaks:
Adding Pureed apple to the boil (2 max) gives pectins which contribute body and haze to the beer. Try other fruit (mango works well or get really wild and try something entirely different – pears?  quince? ) to step up the fruit character – try at flame out or dry hopping.

Get creative and try to vary the hops – go for some big American ‘C’ hops (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook or Columbus) or some Southern Hemisphere tropical hops.


Ingredient to make a NE IPA homebrew beer laid out on table with apples

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